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Download Here

An AAC+ (aacPlus) encoder front end for enhAacPlusEnc [provided with above installer] to create fantastic low bitrate audio files for use on websites and other uses.
Below is the readme for the programme:

enhAacPlusEncFrontEnd / AAC+ Encoder front end for enhAacPlusEnc.
By Tom Brook - www.fruk.net

I did not create the AAC+ Encoder - please see the following URL
for the source:

enhAacPlusEncFrontEnd requires the vb.net runtime files.
It should be fairly easy to work.. Enjoy!
Just run... enhAacPlusEncFrontEnd.exe with the rest of the files
in the same directory - the wav file to be encoded can be anywhere.

The encoded mp4 file is put in the source file directory called .mp4

Donations happily accepted.
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