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Untitled Document READ ME FIRST: General Download & Software Information

All programs require the VB6 Runtime - Download from Microsoft

If you use this software we would love you to link to us on your website.

We develop this software at our own cost and give it away free for some reason, you can show you enjoy our software and support free software by donating. Any amount is welcome, even $1 or €5, whatever you can afford.

If you or your company requires custom built programs to let your systems run smoother then we would be the people to talk to.

Client Example
Radio Jackie in South West london required internet streaming services to run as smoothly as possible without user intervention.
Some of the downloads below help Jackie run a much more reliable service.

View and Force Kill or Disconnect calls on your Asterisk VoIP Server.
AAC+ Encoder front end for enhAacPlusEnc.
eDMT Modifications.
ECI VDSL modem monitoring software.
on-the-fly mp3 re-encoding.
Re-Encode mp3's to lower bitrates on demand via a web interface
Port forward tool for the 585v7
Turns port forwarding easy for the BEBox BE*there routers.
Find the password for your BEBox / Thomson router!.
A free alternative to SMARTInk / SmartTools for Interactive White Boards (IWB).
Smart-backup important files to FTP space.
Mute your master volume at a set time!
Use a command to kill an application
WatchDog Timer
Ensures a program is loaded - if not it takes action
Opens and kills programs set set times
Log output from your USR Router
Log output from a Sipura VoIP device


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