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Untitled Document mySync - FTP Backup software

mySync - Backup your files to a remote FTP server or web space!

Download Here
*requires winrar to extract

Last Updated: 12/03/05 - DD/MM/YY

V. 0.8 - Added ability to clear file information to force a rebackup

Again, a fairly simple idea proposed to me by one of my customers.
They had gigs of ftp space on there ISP web server and also wanted to keep a remote backup of all their files, the only way they had was to load up an FTP client and upload the files manually each time.. overwriting the existing files.

Obviously this was a time consuming operation and also re-uploaded all the non-changed files.

I created mySync for them, the system stores multiple FTP server profiles (so you can back up different directories to different servers) and folders.
The files are scanned, uploaded and a CRC32 hash of their content stored in a database.
The next time you run your backup the files are scanned again, any changes in the files will result in changes to their CRC32 hash… and the file is re-uploaded.
Any un-changed files will not be sent to the server again.

Previous versions to mySync and possibly other software worked on the date of the file, this caused problems for my UK users when the change of clocks came around from Summer time to Winter time… for some reason Windows changes the date of every single file by an hour.. so it uploaded the entire lot again.. which is why the above system now uses CRC32.. The scanning operation takes slightly longer but the benefit outweighs the time it takes!

You can now easily back up your documents, invoices, source code and other critical information to a remote ftp server!
Should your computer hard disk die or [god forbid] your house burn down.. you can just download your backed up information from the remote server and you are in business again.

I hope this program is useful to someone, any feedback is welcome.. obviously this program will nag you to donate :)

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