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Untitled Document on-the-fly mp3 re-encoding.
Totally unsure how to describe this.

This system runs on ASP and allows the visitor to the site to list mp3's in a directory and request them.. however they will be re-encoded on request to the desired bitrate.

This has been in use at Radio Jackie for re-encoding the hourly log files for external listening (as people on modem do not want to stream 192kbps files!).

When visiting they are given a selection of bitrates.. once selected they can choose a file and the system re-encodes it and provides them with a m3u streaming playlist to listen to the file.

To get hold of a copy of this code may require a small donation.. but please get in touch if this is the kind of system you are after.

Techhy Notes:
The asp code generates mp3 files in a temp directory using lame.exe.

Tom Brook - Mouselike.org
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