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Untitled Document SPALogging - Log debug messages from your Sipura SPA-3000 or SPA to a file or database!

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Last Updated: 19th June 2005
Again another simple but powerful bit of software:

I was seriously pleased with the SPA-3000 when I got it and installed it but I knew there must be a way to capture information like how long a call lasted etc..
I played around with the logging option.. and created the above application (based on the USR Logging program I made) .

Any information sent to the logging system is saved in a file and in a database. The reason for both formats is..
Text file: easy to read.. send to people etc..
Database format: easy to create systems on top of, for example you can make a program or web page tell you how long a call lasted, who is calling.. when they are calling etc..

I hope others find this useful. Please donate!

REMEMBER TO TURN ON LOGGING! - See the readme file for information.

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