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Untitled Document usrLogging - Log the kernel messages from your USR Adsl Router!

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Last Updated: 30th March 2005
Again another simple but powerful bit of software:

I was having serious problems with BT cutting off due to crackles on the line yet they would not do anything about it.
I knew the USR 9106 Router I owned was logging all the problems and also gave some useful information like the speed it was talking to the exchange at..

30/03/2005 23:38:50: <10>klogd: ADSL link down
30/03/2005 23:38:52: <10>klogd: ADSL G.994 training
30/03/2005 23:38:55: <10>klogd: ADSL G.992 started
30/03/2005 23:38:57: <10>klogd: ADSL G.992 channel analysis
30/03/2005 23:39:01: <10>klogd: ADSL link up, fast, us=288, ds=576

So I created USRLogging to take the information sent out by the router and save it to a file!
I hope others find this useful.

REMEMBER TO TURN ON LOGGING! (Statistics --> System Log --> Configure System Log)
I have:
Log: Enabled
Log Level: Debug
Display Level: Debug
Mode: Both
Server IP Address: <Your computer!> (ie,
Server UDP Port: 514

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